“I would very much like to thank your staff for their care and for being so kind and thoughtful.  Even though I was only there for a very short time, I felt welcomed and well cared for.  I have returned home and am recovering.  Thank you so much for your alertness and excellent health care.  If I was ever to need cared for in the future, I won’t hesitate to ask for your care.  I will tell all my family and friends about you.  God bless all of you.”  C.Y.

“My family and I want to thank the Beckett House staff for all that was done for us to ensure that our mother and grandmother had a happy and memorable 100th birthday.  Carmen Roe could not have been more helpful and accomodating had she been a member of our family.  From the moment I mentioned my wishes to celebrate Mom’s big day, she was great.  She offered the dining room so that we might be able to have the open house that I feared we would not be able to do because of lack of space available otherwise.  She made my day that day and every other time I needed questions answered….  All of you made a memorable day for our family not only possible, but one we won’t ever forget.”  C.C. & D. J

“Over the six years [our loved one] was a resident, we came to appreciate and value the care she received and to know many of you as friends.  We are grateful for the staff’s passion for not only being caregivers, but also for their willingness to go above and beyond.  They work within a context of love and compassion.  Beyond all that you are supposed to do, it is that notion of  “and then some” that makes you so special.  You go beyond what is required and do it with love.”  B. & D. H.

“Special kudos to Beckett House of New Concord for their prompt, professional and loving care for me during my recent recovery from open-heart surgery.” J.G.

“We really appreciate all the time and kindness you showed our mother during her stay with you.”  –K.E.

“Thank you for the Father’s Day cookout.  It was great!  You made the day special in every way.  Thank you for ALL of the activities you provide!”  –C.O. and C.K.

“You did a tremendous preparation for the 100th birthday party of our mom, which we greatly appreciate.  The balloons, flowers, decorations, the cake and ice cream all added to the success of the day.  It was upbeat with a sense of fun.  In addition, we are greatful for your daily care of our mother.  Your routine care is special because you create a sense of caring beyond doing what is necessary.” –K.M., E.K., B.M., S.M., and B.P

“To the nurses, RN’s, LPN’s,nurse  aides, shower aides, housekeeping, cooks, servers, laundry staff, and all the other workers whatever they do–I think each and every one deserves a star pin.  It would be very hard to pick our just a few or to name certain people because they’re all outstanding workers and wonderful people.  So please–star pins for everyone!”  G.P.